At Village Christian School, we make it our focus and commitment each day to strengthen the character, academics, and self-worth of each of our students. We strive our to help our students learn in a smaller, yet structured learning environment, allowing them to be productive and successful in ways they may not have been before. For all these reasons, we see our mission statement as the following:

“To provide a safe, caring, and therapeutic learning environment with highly qualified staff; where students with behavioral, educational, and social challenges can best develop the skills and character necessary to rejoin their communities and families with success.”

VCS Overview

  • Located in Pleasant Plain,  Ohio on the campus of Mid-Western Children’s Home
  • Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers in all core subject areas and two intervention specialists.
  • We currently serve students in the 7th-12th grade
  • We serve students who are in need of academic, behavioral, or emotional assistance

What is M.A.P. Testing?

The Northwest Evaluation Association offers individualized, computer-based tests for each student. Instead of a brief snapshot of what students have mastered, which is what standardized tests offer educators, these assessments, which are given throughout the year, show progressive learning, comparative analysis, and areas of strength and weakness.

The tests also tell teachers where a student has a firm foundation as well as where they need to work a little more. This new way to find information is very exciting to us as educators, and you can follow along HERE at the NWEA website.

By using M.A.P testing, we are able to meet each student's needs, one child at a time.


4581 Long Spurling Road
Pleasant Plain, Ohio  45162
Phone: 513.877.2125


Matthew Almquist

Intervention Specialist

Sarah Mitsui
Phone: 513-877-2398

Junior High and High School Staff

Math & Language Arts: David Barker

History & Social Studies: Phillip Massey
English & Language Arts: Lisa Clifton

Science: Barb Shyers

PE & Health: Paige Doughty