Mid-Western Children's Home currently operates under a $1.6 million annual budget.  Through generous estate donations an endowment fund has been established over the years that serves as the only reserve for the agency.  

Referral agencies are charged a service fee for every child placed.  These monies make up approximately 65% of the annual budget.  The remainder of the income is dependent upon private support that primarily comes through the churches of Christ throughout Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana.  This support enables the home to work with private families that are in need of the services offered.  Many of these families are struggling to raise their children, but are not being effective for a variety of reasons.  God created the family system to be the healthiest environment in which children should be raised.  Thus Mid-Western is able to provide intense treatment to help these families work through the issues that are hindering the raising of their children and then allow for the child to return to his or her family.

Private support comes in a variety of forms.  Listed below are examples of the different types of charitable donations that are received.

Congregational donations:
Monthly Installments
Special contributions
School supplies    
Groceries and personal care items     
Gift cards  
Work projects 
Holiday Donations

Individual donations:
Monthly Installments
Estate Planning
Wills and Trusts
Stock and Bonds
Work Projects
Holiday Donations

Mid-Western does accept Visa and Master Card.  All donations are tax deductable as this is a 5013(c) corporation.  For further information please contact Barry Boverie at  

Monetary donations can be sent to:

PO Box 48
Pleasant Plain, Ohio 45162


Donate by credit card using PayPal

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Box Tops 4 Education

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