Adoption Services


Mid-Western Children's Home (MCH) is a private agency licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. MCH seeks to provide stable and nurturing adoptive  arrangements for youth requiring permenancy. To this end MCH operates an adoption program. Agency offices along with the group home program are located in a rural area one hour northeast of Cincinnati.


The adoption program serves children ages 0-18.  Children served may be mildly to moderately emotionally disturbed, mildly mentally challenged, neglected/dependent, learning disabled, and/or children who are unruly or delinquent.  At this time, MCH's primary focus is serving teenagers and therefore has limited access to elementary aged or younger children including infants.

This Program does offer home-study services to those who are looking into private or international adoptions.  There are fees that are charged for the training required as well as the home-study itself.


Private referrals, court referrals, county O.D.J.F.S. referrals, or other agency/institutional referrals are accepted.


Programming is not well suited for children who are psychotic, who demonstrate extreme acting out behavior, who are sex offenders, and who are actively chemically dependent.


MCH offers training and support to its adoptive families.  However, therapeutic services are not currently offered directly by the agency.  All families are encouraged to connect with a counselor that specializes in adoption issues regardless of the age of the child adopted.  MCH will help with the referral process.


Adoption service costs are variable.   For further information about the costs and any other information please contact our adoption coordinator.